MA Economics Entrance Online Coaching: 2016-2017 batch

MA Economics Entrance Online Coaching

Registration for MA Economics entrance online coaching batch for 2016-2017 is now open. Please use the form below to sign up. Remember that we help with all M.A. Economics Entrance exams. This batch is ideally targeted to students of an Economics or technical background (Maths, Physics, B.Tech, Stats etc.). If you're from another academic background, please discuss your case before submitting your fees. Details of the online course are as follows

  • Start date: First week of July 
  • Frequency: Thrice a week, each class is of 2 hours
  • Course length: 5 months
  • Fees: Rs.25,000
  • Requirements: A laptop/ tablet and a reasonable internet connection (1 mbps)
If you're in Delhi, you can join our in-class course. Click here to learn more about MA Economics Entrance coaching in Delhi.


Live lectures and doubt-clearing

Lectures will be conducted live via CrackDSE's online platform. There will also be a forum for regular doubt clearing.


Lecture recordings for viewing later

All live lectures will be recorded and will be available for viewing later on the online platform in case you miss any lecture!


Tests and homework

Weekly homework will be given, and regular tests will be conducted so that your progress is closely monitored.

Mobile access

All lectures and materials will be available via (free) mobile/ tablet apps! (iOS and Android)

All exams and subjects covered

We will cover all the major exams (ISI, DSE, JNU, IGIDR etc) and all subjects (Micro, Macro, Probability, Statistics, Econometrics, Maths)


All study material provided

All study material, including books, notes, past years' papers will be provided online. No need to purchase anything.

Registration Form