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Eligibility Criteria for Master's in Economics in India

I often get questions from students about eligibility criteria for Master's in Economics in India.  This information has been compiled with the goal of providing this information for various exams in one handy list. Please note that the universities mentioned below are in no particular order. DISCLAIMER: The sources have been mentioned for each school. This information has been last updated on Oct 4, 2014. Please check for the latest information yourself. CrackDSE is not liable for any change in the information as listed here. 1. The Delhi School of Economics Please see this page on DSE's website regarding the admission criteria. Here you'll find information pertaining to all backgrounds. You will also be asked to check the academic bulletin of Delhi University, which can be found here or here. In case you have any further questions, please get in touch with DSE's office. All their contact information is listed on this page. 2. Jawaharlal Nehru University JNU offers two different Masters in Economics programs. The School of International Studies (or commonly known as the SIS) offers a M.A. Economics (with specialisation in the World Economy). All the eligibility criteria and other admission related information can be found here. The School of Social Sciences offers various M.A. programs. The master's program in Economics is offered via the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning. A description of the course can be found here. Please contact CESP office for admission information and criteria (CESP contact information can be found here.) 3. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research IGIDR offers a Master's in Economics program that is among the smaller, but highly respected, ones in the country. They provide all... read more

How to prepare for DSE Entrance Exam (Delhi School of Economics)

Here are some candid thoughts on how to prepare for the DSE entrance exam. This post is focused on Option A (Economics) of the DSE entrance. I'll write a follow up post on Option B. The objective of this is to help any and all students going for the DSE entrance exam (or any other MA economics entrance exam) irrespective of whether you choose to work with CrackDSE or not. 1. Choosing the right option At the time of applying the DSE entrance exam, you will have to choose whether you want to go for "merit" based or "exam" based consideration for admission. The former is only for students who are studying or have studied B.A. (Hons.) Economics at Delhi University. If you are from any other course or any other university, pick the "exam" based approach. The DSE entrance exam will test your knowledge of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Probability, Statistics, Econometrics, Game Theory, Mathematics and Logical Ability. The percentage of marks from each section varies quite significantly each year, with little to no predictability. See the table below for instance (the percentages are estimates) Option B: now scrapped. This option is no longer provided. It used to focus on Mathematics, and was ideal for candidates with a Mathematics background. Now, all students give the same exam, irrespective of their academic background. 2. Pattern of the paper (DSE Entrance Option A) DSE entrance option A consists of 2 sections: Section 1: 20 multiple choice questions. Marking scheme: +1 for the correct answer, -1/3 for a wrong answer, 0 for unattempted question Section 2: 40 multiple choice questions. Marking scheme: +2 for the correct answer, -2/3... read more

Delhi School of Economics Entrance 2014 date announced: June 28, 2014!

Delhi University has announced the Delhi School of Economics Entrance 2014 date: June 28, 2014. Check out DU's PG Course Finder page here: http://admission.du.ac.in/pgadm/index.php?page=course-finder The online application is live now. The last date of application is April 18, 2014 (click here for source) You can find all other relevant information and apply online via DU's PG Admissions Portal: http://admission.du.ac.in/pgadm/ And this is the page specific to Economics: http://admission.du.ac.in/pgadm/index.php?page=economics  ... read more

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